My Development Journey

My name is Bukola Gbadamosi, a project officer at Aspilos Foundation and I am detailed to the AboCoders Project. I joined Aspilos Foundation as a corps member. I joined the AboCoders team knowing little about programming even though I studied CS at LAUTECH. I have gone from being a newbie to being a trainer at AboCoders.


As a trainer, I’ve been fortunate to meet and train great minds. This interaction with diverse minds has taught me never to look down on people, not assume and to always be open to learning. Teaching is fun!!! The thrilling part about training is that whatever it is you pass unto these trainees, either knowingly or unknowingly will make them to always remember you.

Thanks to the kind of person my boss is (Boss of the year), I do not just train people, I get to be trained too.  I have undergone trainings here in Minna and outside Minna, attended conferences and meetups all sponsored by Aspilos Foundation.

Being a developer (albeit in training), has opened my eyes to how great it is to be in tech and to use my skills to help other people. I’ve met developers who are not stingy about their skills and willing to dispense unto others. I get to use my skills to develop solutions for people. Giving people that website they have been dreaming about is a great feeling that won’t disappear for a lifetime.

With AboCoders specifically, the journey has been uber challenging (teaching ladies in Northern Nigeria who have never touched a computer before how to code is no small feat) and of course, fun, but I’m very grateful for this opportunity I have to be here. I look forward to working with subsequent classes of trainees, developing more solutions that I can share with the world and being a vibrant part of the ecosystem.

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