Our Solution

Our Solution

AboCoders is removing obstacles to a productive and prosperous life for young women from low income families in underserved locations in Nigeria. The project improves the lives of its beneficiaries by establishing secure and sustainable livelihoods for them using ICT training with an emphasis on a more wholesome IT professional experience as a means of empowerment. Our major goal with AboCoders it to increase financial returns from technology fields for its beneficiaries.

Our objectives are:
•    To recruit and trained 3750 young women by 2023
•    To increase digital literacy in young girls in Nigeria
•  To increase access of Nigerian women to good income generating opportunities, especially those in Northern Nigeria
•    To increase the rate of women in technology, a rate which is even lower in the north.

•    To increase access of women to technology for education and career growth

And to achieve these objectives, the following are our activities:
1.    Digital Literacy Training
2.    Coding/Programming Training
3.    Graphic Design Training

4.    Hardware Engineering Training
5.    Data Science Training

6.    Business Development & Financial Literacy Training
7.    Mentorship and Internship Scheme


P.S: We work to have as much fun as we can too. Fun is part of learning!