About Us

Humans generally like sensational news, public outcries seeking justice for the wronged and dramatic stories of grass to grace turnarounds among others. While those are not bad things on their own, instead of waiting for the next sensational happening, for the next hashtag, why can we not do things to prevent the need for these interventions in the first place. Why can we not find ways to empower those who are most at risk of becoming the next hashtags, becoming part of the statistics of the disadvantaged, or becoming just another face in the crowd?

What we want is to remove the likelihood of these things having to occur in the first place. We want girls and women in Nigeria especially those in the northern region to be educated and enlightened enough that they have a lot of options before them and have the knowledge and strength to make their own choices. We want to prevent the various ills plaguing the Nigerian girl child especially the northern girl child not cure them and that is why AboCoders exists. Think the ills are fictional? Perhaps you should look at this report

The purpose of AboCoders, an initiative of Aspilos Foundation, is the provision of secure and sustainable livelihoods for young women in Northern Nigeria using ICT training with an emphasis on software development as a means of empowerment.