Camp AboCoders!

This is an all-girls camp that is targeted mainly at girls that hail from Northern Nigeria. At AboCoders, we are constantly seeking new and fun ways to spark the interest of girls in technology and so because of that and as a way to reach more girls, we our annual camp, Camp AboCoders

This camp is an off shoot of the regular AboCoders training cycles for girls from low income families and is designed to help girls find their passion for high-tech careers. Through hands-on problem solving and encounters with women role models in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), Camp AboCoders will help girls see their futures as techies while having massive fun. This is a residential camp which features:

  • Tech-savvy female instructors who act as inspirational mentors, promoting self-confidence in students.
  • An all-female environment designed to foster camaraderie and collaboration between girls.
  • A common sense balance of indoor and outdoor activities to promote social interaction and fun!
  • A variety of sports, games, and team-building activities
  • Personalised instruction, and a maximum of just 10 girls per instructor.

How Can I Participate?

We’ll publish a press release when the time for the next camp rolls around. Watch this space!