What do our girls do when they finish training with us?

This is where the AboCoders Community comes in. Our community is made up of female IT solutions providers, this includes programmers, graphics designers, network administrators and more. A large number of them are made up of those who passed through our training. Using the AboCoders community as an avenue, we act as a middleman connecting these professionals to SMEs needing IT solutions.

Are you a female IT solutions provider? A web developer, graphics designer, network administrator, sofware developer? Join the AboCoders community today and be connected to hundreds of SMEs that need your services and skills. You can apply to be a member of the community right below. SMEs needing services should scroll further down.

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Are you an SME needing an IT solution? Our community skills are mainly web development and design, software development, graphics design and network administration but our community keeps expanding so the skill set keeps expanding as well. So you can still place your request even if the service you need is not explicitly listed here. You can request for a professional just below

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