About Us

AboCoders is removing obstacles to a productive and prosperous life for young women from low-income families in underserved locations in Nigeria. Simply put, for 4 months, we train young women on coding, digital marketing, hardware, data science, and graphics so they can use their skills to generate income and create a better economic situation for themselves.
AboCoders improves the lives of its beneficiaries by establishing secure and sustainable livelihoods for them using ICT training with an emphasis on a more wholesome IT professional experience as a means of empowerment. The overall goal of the project is increased financial returns from technology fields for its beneficiaries.

Project Background

AboCoders is the flagship project of the organization and has been running since October 9, 2015. It is one of the projects in the organization’s livelihoods (i.e economic empowerment)
thematic area (the second thematic area is governance). Here’s a quote that succinctly captures the overview of what we are doing at AboCoders: “Equality for women and girls is not only a basic human right it is a social and economic imperative. Where women are educated and empowered, economies are more productive and strong. Where women are fully represented, societies are more peaceful and stable.” – Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary-General. This project ties into the vision of the organization which is an Africa of young active citizens maximizing opportunities to foster economic progress thereby giving rise to a poverty-free continent.

AboCoders is giving young women opportunities to foster economic
progress for themselves and their communities. The project is solving the following specific challenges:

  • Limited access of women to good income-generating opportunities, especially  women
    in Northern Nigeria
  • Low technology penetration in Northern Nigeria
  • Low rate of women in technology, a rate which is even lower in the north
  • Limited access of women to technology for education and career growth
  • Lack of interest of young women in technology

AboCoders Community

What happens after our students graduate? All graduates are inducted into the AboCoders community. Membership of the community is a lifetime, there is no expiry to it, and people
can leave whenever they want to. The community is to provide mentoring, training, and work/internship opportunities for the

We will be dedicating a part of the space in our academies for the members of the community to work in. Those working in our space are expected to have grown and been able to stand on their own after 3-6 months.

Monsur Hussain

Project Manager

Catherine Baha

Project Officer